Rizzo Family

Why did we join Dublin Community Church?

I worked as a nurse at a dialysis center here in the Columbus area. My family of origin always worshipped together until I was a junior in high school. They decided to join a different church, but there wasn’t much going on for someone my age, so with my parent’s permission I attended different churches. Mostly Presbyterian, but I never committed to joining another church. When I was working in dialysis the associate minister from Dublin Community Church was a patient. I would have conversations with him about my faith journey and he would describe what the United Church of Christ’s doctrines of faith were. The minister, Tsuneo Miyashiro shared his faith journey, which he described as Christian, but integrating other faith journey’s in his ministry. Our conversations were very enlightening. I enjoyed our time together discussing in different faith backgrounds.

Bruce and Brenda Rizzo

Fast forward to 2 years later I had met my now husband and we were looking for a place to get married. I started attending Dublin Community Church and fit well into my understanding of what it meant to be a Christian. My husband was not an “attender” of any church in particular but understood this was an important part of my life. He agreed that if we had children we could raise them as Christians, but he wasn’t going to commit to any faith just so we could get married. I appreciated his honesty. I asked Tsuneo if he would consider officiating our wedding and he agreed to.

So in 1982 we were married in the chapel of Dublin Community Church. It was a beautiful wedding, and Tsuneo was just the person we needed to join us in matrimony. I joined the church about this time as well. I loved the idea of how we accept and welcome all regardless of their faith background, how we celebrate individual expression of faith, as long as we believe that Christ is the son of God and in the holy trinity. I loved the idea that regardless of your sexuality, background or socioeconomic status you are welcome here. I also found that Bruce felt very comfortable in our church, since he didn’t have a lot of experience attending a church. He went with me every Sunday, and was very supportive of my faith journey.

Then we started a family. True to his word Bruce supported my desire to have our children involved in church activities. He was very supportive and even took them to church when I couldn’t go. When the kids were little I would often work weekends so we didn’t have to get as much childcare. When I was working he made sure they got to their activities. Then when our oldest reached confirmation age, my husband observed that process and said, I think I am ready to join the church now. We have enjoyed being a part of Dublin Community church and participating in all of the ministries our church has to offer. We have participated in church leadership activities, like teaching Sunday school, leading youth group, and serving on council, volunteering for the food pantry, attending retreats, participating in the music programs, and fostering connections. Our experience at Dublin Community Church has been richer and deeper because of our ability and desire to be involved. I would encourage anyone to not only attend but get involved, it has really made our lives very fulfilled and strengthened our faith. I praise God for the wonderful relationships and friends that we have found through our involvement in Dublin Community Church. What a wonderful group of people and what a great place to be.