Rummage Sale

Historically, Dublin Community Church hosts a rummage sale twice a year.  They are always held on the first Saturday of May and the first Saturday of October.

The sales’ proceeds benefit our Mission Ministries in many ways:
1. To help the youth pay for their yearly mission trips

2. To help support our DCC pledge to OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission)

3. To offer very low-priced clothing and household items for those who need this affordablity.

4. Leftovers benefit local charities (VOA, Kidney Services, Furniture Bank)

5. Leftover books are donated to Kobacker House (Hospice Care)

6. Age appropriate clothing and toiletries are donated to Star House (Teen and College Students in need) before the sale even begins

7. Clothing for professionals is donated before the sale to “Dress for Success“(an organization that helps to outfit those in need with professional clothing appropriate for job interviews).

There are numerous other ways that the sale benefits those in the community and the church missions.