Zuber Family

We came to Dublin Community Church after “church shopping” in the Dublin Area. Dublin Community Church made us feel the most welcome!  We also knew a few friendly faces from college and high school, which helped a lot.  We typically sat in the same pew and got to know the people around us – mostly other families that had wiggly kids around the same age!  Our family liked that there was one service and that the service was mostly traditional and similar to what Dan and I both grew up experiencing in our own churches. There is a great mix of people who attend that are like us and grew up attending churches of other denominations. We loved that they have a great music program, including programs for the kids. 

At the time we joined, the Sunday School program was being facilitated through volunteers on the Christian Education Committee.  Because I have a background in Elementary Education, I decided to volunteer to teach Sunday School. Shortly after, I was asked to be on the Christian Education Committee. Dan, being a CPA, enjoyed being asked to join the Finance committee where he helped on a campaign to hire a Christian Education director that could provide consistency to the youth programs. Being on committees really helped Dan and I get to know other people and feel like we were making a difference in the missions of the church.  Nine years later, we have such a booming youth program!  It is great to work with the children and watch them grow up to be confirmed into the church.

We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the families here and feel like DCC is our second home.  What’s really important to us is that our children feel comfortable coming and have a good religious foundation for whatever life throws their way.

The Zuber Family celebrated Maddy’s confirmation in 2019. Pictured are Laura, Maddy, Dan and Noah.