Rummage Sale Update

RUMMAGE REMNANTS: *Please refrain from dropping off rummage donations.  We recently have had a rash of folks leaving items on the DCC “doorstep.”  Certainly, they must be well-intentioned but there is simply NO available storage.  If it is necessary to get rid of your treasures now, we encourage you to donate to a local worthy cause.

*Many thanks again to Paul Ruddy who donated 4 boxes of new towels and to Brenda Herman who has again successfully sold them online.  

*The Virtual Rummage Sale continues.  Contact Betsy Smith at for details. If you have larger items or items that are of some value, Brenda Herman has a loyal Nextdoor Neighbor following and she will try to help you with the sale.  All proceeds benefit the virtual rummage sale.  She has sold around $2,000 worth of virtual rummage items during the past 18 months!  Thanks to Brenda and Paul!