Bob’s Wednesday Night Book/Video Group

Bob’s Wednesday Night Book/Video Group

Depending on the Season (and Pandemic), we gather each Wednesday night for studies.
In the Fall, there are always three books and three videos presented over a six to eight week period. Winter…a Bible or Historical study using Video and Discussion for about 10 weeks. Spring…a four week session with just one ministry book.
The sessions have included a meal along with the discussion. We will see where the pandemic restrictions take us in the Fall…but it may include Zoom Sessions.
All are welcome to join us.

We begin again on Wednesday January 13th and we’ll use two books over the coming months.

1. Grounded by Diana Butler Bass  (Finding God in the World,  A Spiritual Revolution)

2. The Mister Rogers Effect by Dr. Anita Knight Kuhnley

We’ll meet on Zoom each Wednesday evening at 7 pm. I will send out an invitation to our usual prospects but you can email me now ( and say that you are interested. Go ahead and get the books, available at Amazon and other retailers. (RCT)